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Bringing the highest quality American and Nicaragua leaf,
for the pleasures of all.

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1573, fateful year.

The year the great leaf queen nicotiana, Lady Tobacco, first rolled out onto Albion shore. The New Worlds heavenly offering, humble gift to the Olde. And so began a centuries long love affair; fire of Sir Francis; Rothschild Robusto; Churchillian cheroot. 

And through to 2023, the affair finds a new generation. George Frakes, Damien O’Donohoe and Winston Marshall, three friends bound by a love of burning sticks, offer you Fifteen Seventy Three; Britains finest cigar company.

Bringing the highest quality American and Nicaraguan leaf, for the pleasures of all. From the hand-rollers of Central America, to the valleys of Connecticut, 1573 continues the proud tradition of bringing the golden leaf to the Land of The Rose. 

Importing only the stellar stick, only the premium puff, 1573 will be your first port of call for all things cigar. Exclusive tastings, smoking evenings, the finest tobacco twists. And we want you to be part of the family.

Cigars are alight again. Britannia has a new home for that burning bouquet. And its name is Fifteen Seventy-Three.

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